Three states responsible for 60% malaria deaths


Data from National Vector Borne Disease Control clearly highlights that about 95% of Indian resides in malaria endemic areas. In 2016, there were total 331 deaths due to malaria. Chattisgarh, Orissa and West Bengal togther reported about 60% deaths in 2016. In wake of outbreak, govt recently unveiled a plan to eliminate malaria by 2027.

India’s pharmaceutical exports continues to grow

USA is the largest exporting partner of India followed by South Africa and UK. During 2015-16, exports to USA has grown over 27% and has contributed to 32% of total exports. India's exports to South Africa has grown by 18% according to the latest figures from Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council Of India

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First trauma registry - hope for accident victims

First trauma registry - hope for accident victims

By : Dinesh C Sharma

Trauma care scientists in India and Australia are working jointly for the past four years in order to improve quality of trauma care. It is critical to enforce road safety norms, improve road engineering design and implement ban on alcohol sale on highways and better data collection  for improved trauma care. 

Australia: Smart phones and mental health

Australia: Smart phones and mental health

By : Nabeela Khan

Could smart phones help provide mental health care? Mobile technology is helping provide mental healthcare in some villages in rural India. And a mobile phone app designed by Australian developers – said to be the first in the world to use evidence-based suicide prevention methods – is making a difference after a trial, say its makers.

Doctors' Day: What Indian doctors want?

Doctors' Day: What Indian doctors want?

By : Jisha Krishnan

Dr Bidhan Chandra Roy was a renowned philanthropist. He went on to become the chief minister of Bengal in 1948 & was bestowed with Bharat Ratna.It’s in his honour that July 1 (his birth anniversary) is celebrated as Doctor’s Day in India.To mark the occasion, we have compiled a wish list of what Indian doctors really want.




In India, women outlive men

Due to sex-selective abortions and preference for male child, male children are given more care during their initial years of life. Thus, infant mortality among females is high than their male counterparts. But conversely, more men die after they reach adulthood. As per NCRB data more men in India committed suicide last year than women. Even in India’s youngest population, the gender ratio is still getting worse.

Delhi hospitals lack doctors

Millions of Indians do not have access to doctors, hospitals or even basic healthcare facilities due to shortage of infrastructure and health staff. The doctor-patient population ratio in India is 1:1,674. Government run hospitals in India's capital city suffer from the same issue of shortages and inedequate health staff. Of the total 511 vacant positions in Delhi, AIIMS - premier government medical research institute has maximum (223) posts of doctors lying vacant. 

Max H1N1 deaths reported from 4 states

India is in the grip of swine flu. The states of Gujarat and Rajasthan, Punjab and Maharshtra are the worst affected. They contributed to almost 72% deaths. A total of 1647 cases were recorded in 2016 (Jaunuary to October) from India. The virus previously killed 981 people in 2009 and 1,763 in 2010. People with a weak immunity, pregnant women and children are more vulnerable to the disease. 

20 lakh children not vaccinated in UP

Immunisation is the most effective method to prevent and avoid sickness and an effective immunisation can help reduce the disease burden. But one in two children in India's most populous state, Uttar Pradesh is not fully immunised and has one of the lowest rate of immunisation. Uttar Pradesh also has the country's worst infant and under-five mortality rates. Children from rural areas are least likely to have complete immunisation.

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